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Pumping Systems Assembly 

As a side activity for Jengan Industrial Est. the Pump Assembly Unit, designs, fabricates and assembles pumping systems (booster / transfer / chilled water / fire / pressurization units). The production is mainly meant for sister companies. The pumping systems assembly unit has a production capacity of 9000 pump sets a year. Highly qualified staff and modern machines are used to produce the sets in the highest quality and shortest time frame. All the processes are performed in-house like fabrication works, control panel building, painting, trimming and dynamic balancing of impellers and as well testing.

A modern pump set testing facility for random or on request witness tests. The various parameters checked are head, flow, voltage, current, frequency, RPM and power factor. The test facility has one under ground tank of 48 m3 and one overhead tank of 9 m3. The maximum flow reading is 400 m3 / hr and maximum pressure reading is 40 bar. The fittings are PN25 (27bar).

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